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As an interior designer, I have been working with her for over 8 years. She has become my sole source for window treatments since she is extremely diligent in getting quotes out quickly, making sure everything is perfect, and delivering great and unique products always within the timeline she's promised. It's a much more seamless & personal experience than working with a company like The Shade Store where your sales rep knows a limited amount- Yumi knows everything since it's her business for 20 yrs and she will be the one talking directly to you, the client, and the installer. She's also extremely respectful of you being the designer and will always make sure you're involved in all decisions and will solve the problems with you even when it is not part of her scope. She has a background in engineering so she's amazing at problem-solving and is extremely thorough. Hoping you benefit from her top-notch custom service as much as I have! 

Joyce Tranchida - Interior Designer @ Decorilla

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Yumi came, measured, advised and completed our beautiful window treatments, they slide like smooth silk and yet are washable and with perfect length. It took them just a few hours to do 4 huge windows (floor to ceiling).  I recommend Yumi for her professionalism, aesthetic judgment and execution. The curtains were worth the cost. Thank you!  
Taylor @ 200 East 95th(The Kent), 5F
Yumi was very responsive, flexible, reasonable and attentive to detail. She installed curtains in our bedrooms, where we had had very expensive blinds that didn't work.. As a result, we got exactly what we wanted for a great price, and in a very timely fashion. After we are satisfied with the result of curtains done in our bedrooms, we ordered more curtains in our living room. I recommend her highly.
Anne @ 10 West End Avenue, 9H 
Not only do my Curtain Call custom shades look beautiful on my windows, but after two machine washing, they look like they did the day you installed them. I was very nervous about placing my fabric window treatments in the washing machine, but followed your advice and washed them on the delicate cycle.  Then, as instructed, I hung them back on the windows straight from the washer – without the need for drying for ironing. This process was so easy and effective. Never in my years as a homeowner or apartment owner was I able to machine wash fabric window treatments or shades. In the past, I was forced to discard them for new ones, as they turned dingy and dirty looking or I had to live with all the dust and dust mite. After washing the shades, I could feel the difference with indoor air quality. What a remarkable technology and system – not to mention the cost savings for cleaning window treatments. Thanks so much for introducing me to the Curtain Call experience, a very positive one indeed.
Cathy @ 200 Riverside Blvd, Trump Place, 15N
When we purchased Curtain Call’s draperies and shades for our new apartment four years ago, we knew we were getting an absolutely stellar product at a great price.  What we didn’t know was that Curtain Call’s excellent work would help us to sell our home when the time came to move on.  While our apartment was on the market, we received many, many compliments from real estate professionals and their clients.  In fact, our buyer’s broker told us that the quality of the window treatments was one of the most important factors in our buyer’s decision to make an offer!  We feel very lucky that we found Curtain Call when we first moved in.  Their products have enhanced the comfort and beauty of our home for a long time, and we could keep them clean since we could wash them.  We are pleased that the apartment’s next occupants will enjoy Curtain Call’s work as much as we have!
Of course, we fully intend to use Curtain Call to decorate the next home.  We’ve learned that the right window treatment can improve the look of any space, even one that is already very attractive.  We’ve also learned that Curtain Call products are worthwhile investments, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for boosting re-sale value.  They certainly made our place stand out from similar-looking properties that were available in our building at the time of our sale.  For this reason alone, I will definitely work with Curtain Call for my new home project and I would recommend Curtain Call to everyone I know!
Stefanie @ 555 W59th street – Element condo
I was given Yumi Kim's Curtain Call as a source for custom window coverings from the couple I bought my apartment from. Curtain Call had done their floor to ceiling windows and roman shades. It turns out, much of my building also uses Curtain Call. I now know why. I was impressed with the attention to every detail - fabric color and type depending on room and lighting, how window coverings should drape perfectly, how they should be hung with a minimum of distracting hardware and how to ensure they can always be easily removed and cleaned. I am delighted with my new window coverings. I would recommend Curtain Call to anyone looking for personalized attention and beautiful windows.
Stephanie @ 555 W59th street – Element condo
"Curtain Call work is phenomenal!! Luckily we found Curtain Call after we had experienced frustration, time delays and cost over runs with other several window treatment vendors.  We found no window treatment vendor can beat Curtain Call with the response time, attention to detail, turnaround time and ethic.It is a call worth making.  We are very happy with the workmanship, quality, aesthetic and how easy they are to clean. I would like to work with Curtain Call when I buy a new house in California, inviting the team to Ca.I'd recommend Curtain Call to anyone looking for elegant, polished and professional work."
JE @247 W46 @ Platinum
"We shopped around for window treatments and were quoted crazy prices, but when we met with Curtain call, we were surprised at what we got for the price we paid. Especially expecting a new baby, Curtain Call health conscious products which are machine washable shades really appealed to me and my wife. It was an extreme pleasure working with Curtain Call and we would highly recommend using them as it was very easy working with them and their lead-times are very good. They did a great job with our shades and we are very happy with their work
Niroshan @ 325 5th avenue 8C
"Curtain Call made the process of selecting and installing my customized window treatments a breeze: They suggested color and texture variations that nicely complimented my interior design; and the fitting and installation process was performed quickly yet meticulously. But most importantly, my Curtain Call designer worked around my hectic schedule and provided the personalized attention that I just wouldn't have gotten elsewhere. Thanks so much for the spectacular shades and first-class serivce!"
Huang @ 325 5th avenue 19B
"I love my new curtains! I am very please with the product and materials. They fit perfectly and dress the room beautifully. The curtains arrive promptly at promised and I can't be happier.  The products are very innovative and simple to install. No instructions were need and it took very little time. Curtain Call designer was a great help in selecting the right pieces that fit with my home's decor. The stripe sheers with roman blinds gave my room a very polish, dramatic and romantic finish. It was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be more pleased. Bravo on the design and innovation! I can't wait to be home and enjoy my new beautiful curtains. Thank you so much. I would use your product in my future home."
Victoria @ 220 Riverside Blvd. 16V, Trump Place
 "I am so glad I chose my beautiful window shades from Curtain Call. Not only am I forever being complimented on my good taste but I have been so easily able to detach them, clean them and put them back. I suffer with severe allergies. These shades were made for me. They are exactly what I wanted and they are machine washable too. I'd be more than happy to give a more extensive recommendation. Just ask Yumi for my telephone number."
Myrna @ 220 Riverside Blvd. 35C, Trump Place
“We installed Curtain Call's shades almost two years ago and have been very  happy with them.  The choice of fabric is extensive and we very much like the appearance of the finished product.  The installation was simple and the hardware is durable, withstanding quite a bit of tugging by our children.  Best of all is the personalized service we received from the proprietor, Yumi Kim.  She helped us measure the windows, consulted on fabric selection
and supervised the installation.  We wholeheartedly recommend this product.
Tafat @ 220 Riverside Blvd. 10J, Trump Place
“I love Curtain Call shades because they easily go with any decor. They were really easy to install and I love the feature of velcroing them off the fixture and throwing them in the wash. Dust doesn't adhere to them at all. Once I placed my order I got them so quickly. I think they are a great value.”
Susan @ 220 Riverside Blvd. 11JK, Trump Place
“Having three small children, initially I was opposed to buying curtains.  But after I saw and felt the fabrics, watched how the nifty velcro feature worked, I could tell immediately that these curtains would work...and they have.  There is no evidence on my curtains of any chocolate frosting, splattered juice, etc. where these once had been! Besides, these curtains are just lovely and functionally simple. I would recommend them for any window.”
Phoebe @ 220 Riverside Blvd. 42D, Trump Place
"Curtain Call was really great in designing a solution for my windows which are L-Shaped and  have a great view of the Empire State Building. I was looking for treatments that would provide  the privacy I needed without blocking the view. And the shades were so easy to install on my  own with a little helpful hand from my dad. I would recommend these highly."
Lisa @ 200 Riverside Blvd. 20F , Trump Place
"I spent a long time considering window treatments for my new apartment.  I have over 11 windows and each one presented a unique challenge based on the architecture of the building.  I looked at all the major brands and spent time with several window treatment providers.  None of them came close to the superior products and service I received from Curtain Call.  The designer spent a lot of time with me over several visits while I considered their various options.  She was incredibly patient and also very open to my ideas and needs.  Once I made my decisions, the products were received and installed in record time.  Rarely does one find such a personal touch in this business.  Curtain Call really cares about its clients.  Obviously, this is much more than just business for them.  I realized early on how important it was to them that I was satisfied with the end result.  I was extremely impressed with the care and attention I received but most importantly, I am absolutely thrilled with my curtains and shades!"
Anthony @ 240 Riverside Blvd.10I, Trump Place 
"Yes, great selection. Yes, convenient and safe features. But, what was most striking for me regarding Curtain Call was their extreme care and service for the customers. Moving into a new  place is full of stress. Curtain Call took care of one of the biggest stress of moving - putting up  the shades - for me, which made my life much easier. I installed my shades from long distance.  Curtain Call kept me in touch throughout the process with instant and constant communication.  And, the installed shade looks neat and beautiful. I recommend them highly for anyone who  wants to get great shades with no stress."
Park @120 Riverside Blvd. 7U, Trump Place
"Working with Curtain Call has been a pleasant, efficient and overall great experience that reminded me of my years spent in Asia where people are efficient and extremely professional. I was in rush to get my shades done in my place, and I placed an express order to Curtain Call. I placed an order on Wed and my shades were installed on the following Monday, which was in three business days. I checked out various stores and quickly came to the conclusion that no one could do it, only Curtain Call made that happen. Despite the short lead time, I am also satisfied with Curtain Call's quality of work. I definitely recommend Curtain Call to everyone."
G.Guarnieri @ 120 Riverside Blvd. 10S, Trump Place
"After spending an afternoon looking for curtains, we finally were able to get in touch with Curtain Call through word of mouth.  We contacted them and immediately felt at ease with the friendliness and professionalism. After first contacting them, the experience since then had been wonderful.   The quality and customer service was world class. The materials/fabrics are so unique. We are extremely happy with the end results and would be happy to continue the word of mouth referring  of Curtain Call to our friends and family."
Tawny @ 120 Riverside Blvd. 10U, Trump Place
"Abe and I want to thank Curtain Call so much for the wonderful job Curtain Call did in getting our shades in time for our move! They look absolutely stunning! We appreciate  Curtain Call in  selecting these shades and advice on what would work best for us. They have professionalism and expertise that made this such a pleasure!"
Abe and Jenny @ 120 Riverside Blvd. 3D, Trump Place 
"I would like to express my sincere thanks to "Curtain Call" for their beautiful products and their outstanding dedication to service. From my first telephone contact with Curtain Call, from Texas, the designer gave me a feeling of confidence that my window treatment needs would be met without me having to spend any additional time in searching for an appropriate product and company. The designer was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I visited Curtain Call web site and upon my arrival in New York she met me at my new condominium and arranged for the very prompt production and installation of my new window coverings. She found exactly what I wanted for a price I was happy with. I am pleased to give Curtain Call an unconditional recommendation and hope to call on her and "Curtain Call" again for future window covering needs."
Nancy @ 120 Riverside Blvd. 3N, Trump Place
"I had a look at all types of blinds from mini-blinds to roman shade and duets and I thought that the Curtain Call products were by far the best value and nicest looking. The quality of the shades is very high and they have a clean yet elegant look to them. And it so  easy to take care of them - living in New York window treatments get dirty quickly - these is a breeze to clean. The company was also very professional and helpful in determining the right style for me. I highly recommend Curtain Call."
Tina @120 Riverside Blvd. 7N, Trump Place
"My husband and I live in Athens, Greece, so when we purchased an apartment in NYC, we got a great referral about Curtain Call so we asked Curtain Call to choose and install the right curtains for us.  We communicated through emails and pictures over the internet.   Curtain Call was able to recommend a number of solutions and within two weeks completed the job.  From concept to completion, we couldn't have been more satisfied. I hope to get Curtain Call products and services in Greece too"
Antonia @ 555 W59th, 20C
"Great Job on the shades. Curtain Call handled everything professionally and with complete confidence."
Claire @ 310 w52 4G @Link
"I just want to thank Curtain Call for the excellent service and product. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my window treatment. The service was beyond excellent!!! I will recommend everyone in my building. Thank you so much!!"
Holly @ 555 W23rd st S8N
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Curtain Call so much for the wonderful work on our rental property at the Orion.  I truly believe that installing quality window treatments attracted an enormous interest from potential tenants.  In the end, it was that extra "something" that helped rent out the apartment in a timely manner.  Our apartment definitely stood out from the rest of the rental units in the building.  I actually received calls from other brokers who saw the apartment inquiring where we got our window treatments. As always, I will continue to refer Curtain Call to my friends, family, and clients.  I have no doubt that Curtain Call will do their usual fantastic job."
Tiffany @ 350 W42nd street 23D, Orion
"We wanted to thank you for a job well done with our window coverings at the Orion on 350 West 42nd street. The whole experience was very positive - from your high quality fabric selection, to your prompt and professional manner! We also appreciate how quickly you were able manufacture and install the window coverings."
David @ 350 W42nd street 53H, Orion
"Curtain Call has excellent quality,refined designs and the most efficient service.  I am very pleased with the curtains I ordered from them.The curtains give my place more character and a at home feeling.I would highly recommend Curtain Call to everyone I know!"
Nelly Dong@350 W42nd street 14A, Orion
"I want to thank Curtain Call for the amazing shades and quick turn around time.  I have very large windows and I needed them to be covered very quickly after moving in to the apartment.  Curtain Call designer came highly recommended by my building's concierge service.   Her professionalism and variety of materials that she brought to the meeting was very impressive.  I was amazed because a week later, not only did I have the shades delivered but custom installed beautifully.  Everyone who comes to the apartment always comments how beautiful the shades are and they ask who did them.  I would highly recommend Curtain Call services to anyone."
Evangelos @ 120 greenwich St 2A
"My husband and I are very happy with our decision to order Curtain Call shades from Curtain Call  for every room in our apartment.  The personalized, in-home service made our selection process easy.  Also, the designer in Curtain Call has such a careful eye for detail that she was able to catch  a structural irregularity when she was measuring our windows. Curtain Call made sure that the curtains would be made to allow for the unevenness, and showed us how to adjust them after installation to make sure they hung straight.  No other type of window shade or curtain would have been able to accommodate this problem. Plus the curtains are simply lovely to look at!"
Susie @1 Morton Square 9DE, Morton Square
“After months of shopping a friend told me to check out – I love the shades!  They look fantastic and they have a safety feature so I don’t need to worry about my dog who likes to sleep on my wide window sills.  Yumi provided excellent service, taking care of all measuring and installation hassles.  I have already recommended her to all my friends!” She also quoted “ Yumi, you should definitely advertise in the rentals – I know from personal experience people get awful service from stores in the neighborhood and online services that sell blinds but don’t include the measuring.  I think people would pay a premium just to have someone take care of the hassles.”
Lisa @ 160 Riverside Blvd. 16E, Trump Place
I ordered curtain-call shades from Yumi Kim and in less than 2 weeks, they were installed.  They are the nicest shades, easy to raise and lower and very pleasing to look at.  I was so pleased with them, that I ordered the washable blinds for 2 rooms in my farmhouse, with the intention of ordering more.  Having moved various times and used a variety of window treatments, I have to say that these shades are amazing.  I recommend her highly.
Marla @ 160 Riverside Blvd. 16U, Trump Place
 "A real surprise after calling Curtain Call about curtains was that the same day we could order  it. Dedications, good quality, very good advice and speed for delivery are key characteristics  for Curtain Call approach. What I really like is the simple installation. I did it by myself.  And the shades fit perfectly. They look really nice. "
Jelle @ 180 Riverside Blvd. 22AB, Trump Place
I am extremely pleased with Curtain Call’s products.  My shades are both functional and aesthetically appealing.  The shades are so versatile they can compliment any new design changes I make to my apartment.  I also don't have to worry about getting the curtain dirty or dusty since they shades are easily detachable.  Additionally, the prices are very reasonable for such quality product."

Elizabeth @220 Riverside Blvd. 18B, Trump Place
"I purchased shades from Curtain-Call for my new apartment.  They were easy to order and came exactly when I was told they would arrive and were exactly what I had ordered.  As compared to others shades I considered, they are easy to maintain and you can even clean them - a huge benefit while living in New York.  The shades provide a chic finished look, I would definitely make the same decision if I were in the market for window coverings."
Will @ 220 Riverside Blvd. 15G, Trump Place
"We looked at Curtain Call and and then looked around at other top brands like Hunter Douglass for our shades, and then decided to go back to Curtain Call not only because of its superior washable functionality but also because they offered curtains/shades that were so beautiful compared to other brands that we saw.  And the service we received was impeccable.  Yumi was extremely professional and the curtains were up before the promised two weeks.  There was no fuss and no worries, and no mess with the installation.  Our decision to go with Curtain Call is one of the best investment decisions to our home we made this year!"
Amy @ 240 Riverside Blvd 12F, Trump Place
"The best thing about Curtain Call is that Yumi comes to you-- it's difficult to select a style and a fabric when you're in a store or showroom-- but in your own home, you' can play with the choices in your own space and be 100% certain of your choice.  You get white glove service in your home, delivery time is within 3 weeks AND they're washable without a hassle!".
Claudia S. Volpi
Principal, Adatto, LLC
Interior Design and Architecture