Roller Shade

unique features

Roller Shade Unique Features

Curtain Call Roller shade system has a unique "easy to replace" feature. When the shade fabric becomes dirty, the whole system does not need to be replaced but only the fabric roll can be replaced.

Easy to replace shade

Press the button on the side head rail

how to replace_1

Easy to replace shade

Slide the button down from the side head rail

how to replace_2

Easy to replace shade

Replace the fabric roll and put it back

how to replace_3

unique fabrics


Curtain Call has PVC free & uncoated Solar/Roller shade fabrics(sheer, semi-sheer and opaque) and Blackout fabrics with various colors, patterns and textures.

Sheer, Semi-Sheer, Opaque - PVC Free & Uncoated material, which gives natural fabric look while PVC solar shade materials have industrial plastic and vinyl look. ( Many other options of different color, pattern, texture, and openness)

roller shde






Premium quality blackout roller shade fabrics, which gives a natural fabric look while PVC solar shade materials have industrial plastic and vinyl look. ( Many other options of different colors, patterns, textures are available)












unique features

Drapery Unique Features

unique style
& fabrics


Curtain Call makes elegant draperies with different styles such as goblet, pinch, grommet, pencil, inverted and ripple fold including custom made valence in front.

Curtain Call Seamless Drapery :  Curtain Call has a huge selection of 9-10 ft wide sheer to blackout fabrics with many colors, patterns and textures which make a continuous piece drapery without any vertical seam in the middle.  Curtain Call seamless drapery gives such a simple and elegant look.


Curtain Call blackout drapery lining : Curtain Call has various selections of blackout lining fabrics which will give nicer silhouette and fullness with different color options.

blackout lining

Curtain Call blackout fabric : Curtain Call has a huge selection of blackout fabric already blackout coated on the backside of fabric, which can make the blackout drapery take less room without any extra blackout lining layer behind.


Curtain Call carries various drapery hardware from budget to uniquely designed handmade products as well as European or trendy products with advanced technology. 

curtain_rod copy

Roman Shade

unique features

Roman Shade Unique Features Part 1

Roman Shade Unique Features Part 2

Curtain Call obtained US patent(no 7,523,777) with Curtain Call innovative Roman/Balloon system with exclusive license to sell and distribute.

Curtain Call system vs other brands

Before and After using Curtain Call Roman Shade system

Easy to Install

easy to install the head rail with mounting brackets


Easy to Detach

easy to detach the shade from the head rail


Easy to Wash

Machine washable or Dry cleaned depending on fabrics

washing_ machine_washable

unique style

Curtain Call makes many different styles of Roman Shades such as Cascading Roman Shade, Pleated Roman Shade, Soft relaxed Roman Shade and more. With Curtain Call's US patented innovative Roman/Balloon system, you will have detachable and washable Roman Shades with perfect alignment guaranteed. 

Curtain Call also uniquely designed 

Roman shade style

1) Curtain Call Roman Twin Shade :  Curtain Call Roman Twin system has two shades front and back operated by one control to make the both side looks pretty.

roman_twin_structure copy

2) Curtain Call Crumple Free Roman Shade :  We often experience that Roman Shade fabric gets crumpled when it stacks and we might need to do touch up to make the pleats stack nicely. With Curtain Call Crumple Free Roman system, you do not need to experience any crumple or trouble when operating the shade. It stacks nicely without any touch up.

crumple free

Roller Blind,  3D shade, Pleated shade, Wooden blind...

Curtain Call has huge selection of fabrics with different colors, textures and widths.

Roller Blind


3D Shade


Pleated Shade

pleated shade

Wooden Blind

wooden blidn