Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim is the CEO and founder of Curtain Call, Inc., a boutique custom window treatment shop in Manhattan, New York.

Yumi Kim has backgrounds in technology, engineering, art, and real estate and brings her broad knowledge including Fengshui, and experience to deliver the best results for each client. As a world traveler who traveled to over 90 countries, she understands international interior trends, different cultures, and different clients’ needs, especially if they come to New York City from all over the world.

Yumi's mission is to bring innovative, health-conscious, cost-efficient window treatments to both residential and commercial properties for a healthy home and workplace as well as to add to the spaces' value.

Yumi always works until her clients are satisfied. 

Why Curtain Call?

Machine washable shade?
Sounds like a dream? Not any more with Curtain Call shades. Innovation meets originality.
Curtain Call shades have unique features that you have never seen before.

Machine washable shades with innovative US patented rods are the only Roman and Balloon shade systems that guarantee nice horizontal movement without ever becoming crooked.
A completely clean, healthy home is now possible with easy-to-detach, easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-wash Curtain Call shades. Our US patented innovative rods are distributed and sold exclusively by Curtain Call.

Healthy Home - Fact sheet

7 Reasons Why Hotels (hospitality) should choose Curtain Call Shades

Curtain Call Roman/Balloon Shade vs. Other Leading Roman/Balloon Shade vendors


Curtain Call believes that it is the responsibility of modern manufacturers to create health-conscious and environment-friendly products.
Our goal is to help our client create the healthiest home environment available. We pledge to continue our trend of innovative research in the creation of purer, more natural products to enhance the lives of our customers.

Child Safety

Curtain Call uses the following connector(clamp) in the rollup string, which can be opened by using 7 kg(15.43 pound) of force.

On average, 8 or 9 month old babies can stand up and grab hold of some objects. An 8 or 9 month old baby weighs approximately 18 lbs. Curtain Call uses a connector clasp which can only be opened when the loop is pulled by using 15 lbs of weight. Of course, this is an added safety feature.


Young children can STRANGLE in cord and bead chain loops. They can also wrap cords around their necks and STRANGLE.
- Always keep cords and bead chains out of children's reach.
- Move cribs, playpens, and other furniture away from cords and bead chains. Children can climb furniture to get to cords.
- Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist together and create a loop.
- Replace cord or bead chain if cut.
- Attach tension device to wall or floor. This can prevent children from pulling cords and bead chains around their necks.